The practice

My artistic approach is the process by which I understand the world outside and integrate it to find an expression that reaches again the external world and lead to a sharing practice with other people. The integration dwells in the body, where my primal practice resides. Through the somatic approach I can understand how things influence my way of being on earth as a human being. The somatic body approach has its base in dance training, kinesthetic experiences in nature, fundamentals of Chinese medicine, breath and voice training. The expression that goes back to the external world uses the tools of drawings, videos, music, voice, language, in a continuous play of construction and de-construction. How can I find words and ways of expressing that are not cliché nowadays? How can I be the closest I can be to my inner nature and processing? How can I stay open in the process to create a space where a personal vision can arise?
My body can be an object, a subject, a phenomenological event, a object/subject in an architectural space, an essence among people and a spring of an historic and religious lineage that surely influence the  way I'm coming through and the way I'm moving. I can be a membrane and an acting force, I can enlighten the events, sounds and place around my presence, I can be resilient or strongly affected.
The visual practice combined with the somatic experience, collaborations with professional musicians, offering workshops to the community where I am involved informs my process and helps me to integrate and to “get dirty”, to look out of my own self with the intention of creating a movement based performances that arise from a collective process.


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