Anna and Lawrence Halprin: the RSVP cycle
Laura Colomban

Abstract The RSVP cycle represented a point of reference for Anna Halprin, for the realization of her mission: to make everyone dance, regardless of their training in dance, age and ability. In fact, the inclusion of as many people as possible in the world of dance has always been an essential aspect for her, who in the encounter with the different has recognized a way to enrich her own "personal landscape", through a transversal work dimension without cultural, historical or geographical boundaries. To make this dynamic inclusive, he therefore sought a methodology for the realization of collective works that was based on a common language and that would allow to overcome the idea and preconceptions about gender, social and cultural stratification, sex, age , the artistic technique, the race, the type of individual training. The RSVP cycle is the tool and the outcome of this research.


Appeared in No. 9 of the journal Dance and Research of the University of Bologna:

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Breath, Intimacy and Interactivity
Atem Tonus Ton Practice in training and in Performance
Laura Colomban

During the practice of listening to the breath, what is sought is the "present" condition, free from expectations and the temptation to control, induce, force, to leave room for the perception and listening of the movement of the breath. It speaks of itself, and of us, in an unequivocal way, assuming the role of a traveling companion, manifesting the dialogue between body, mind and spirit. Being present, letting it happen, bringing attention: this attitude towards the breath leads to vitalize the body-mind system, oxygenate the cells and stimulate or relax the nervous system. How do you find this space in movement and in the performing arts?

Appeared in No. 7 of the Audiation Magazine n.07 / 2019

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