As part of the practice-as-research on Vibrating Materials I am looking at how unedited communication, vibrating sonic aurality influence dance composition and audience participation.

The practice-as-research includes Podcast interviews, workshops, residencies, performances that will be documented to be included in the final research project of the MFA Creative Practice Dance Professional Pathway in July 2021.

Residency and Performance, July 2020. FRATTURE

(selected at HangartFest Interfaccia Digitale Video Dance Festival, 18 September 2020)

Creation and concept: Laura Colomban
Performer: Laura Colomban
Video shooting: Elisa Russo
Editing: Giovanni Fiamminghi
Consulting from Lebanon: Yalda Aoukar
Sound material: LebanonTimes, ILoveBeirut, Crow (DJ-Kicks) Forest Swords
@Abitare IL CORPO , @lauracolomban @golenaaperta


Human wounds often are filtered and shared through social media, they can become open fractures, daily life reaches us in 80 '' video Instagram (or longer if the format is IGTV.) in fractures is has decided to work with the audio of the Instagram videos extrapolated from various fragments collected on the social network after the explosion of Beirut on August 4, 2020, selected for their particular vibrational energy. Voices recorded immediately after the explosion, unedited communications, which convey the essence of that moment. The rhythm, the tone, the emotion that resides within the voices transmits as much as the images, the emotional panorama of that moment.


"Recognition of injustice is not simply about their visibility to others (although this can be important). Recognition also means affirming that an injustice has occurred; affirmation is radical in the face of forgetting such injustices. healing does not cover, but exposes the wound to others: recovery is a form of exposure. Doing the work of exposure is therefore both political and emotional work. "

(Ahmed, 2015, p.200 The cultural politics of emotion. Routledge.)

“Fractures” is a visible manifestation of injustice and corruption that silently afflicts not only Lebanon, but also speaks of fractures created by environmental disasters, pandemics, the world closest to us. As happens in the body, when an intolerance becomes too strong it makes itself visible, falls, fractures, fractures are created between human beings. 


"A good scar allows for healing, it also covers itself, but the lining always exposes the injury, reminding us of how it shapes the body. Our bodies have been shaped by their fractures; scars are traces of those injuries that persist in healing or stitching. with the present ".

(Ahmed, 2015, p.202 The cultural politics of emotion. Routledge.)

The video helps to enter intimacy, chooses a point of view, sometimes close and sometimes far from the performer, enters the emotional fabric of the experience, communicating its emotional strength.

The Team

Russo Elisa, operator and director of photography, began her professional career as a self-taught photographer. Subsequently he decides to undertake cinema studies at the DAMS in Bologna where he graduated in 2015; during his studies, but even more once they are finished, he cultivates his experience in the field. Also in 2015 he joined the independent production SMK videofactory, which mainly produces documentaries that deal with socio-political issues such as The Harvest (2017) and The Milky Way (2019), but which also moves in other directions of the audiovisual sector,  distribution of works in creative commons (with OpenDDB) and school and extra-school training.


Giovanni Fiamminghi, researcher and video-maker, President and Co-founder of the Traiart Association. Parallel to the PhD in Urban and Territorial Policies obtained at the Iuav University of Venice (2018), he begins collaborations with independent research bodies and collectives (Ogino: Kanuss and Tesserae Urban-social Research), he works as assistant director on various sets of film productions and starts a personal journey on transdisciplinary experimentation between video-art, performance and documentary.

FRATTURE was born in the context of Laura Colomban's artistic residence produced by the TraiarT cultural association, in Mezzani in the province of Parma. The association was born and lives in the open floodplain area located between the Parma and Po rivers, an area that it aims to safeguard but also to live and make known. Reflections on the relationship between body and environment develops through the collaboration between the association and the artist, which during this residency was transformed into research and artistic expression.

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