Video from Oakland Middle School, California

“I can’t express how thankful I am for the 2 month and a half that I experienced at Luna as an intern.

I had the incredible opportunity to experience the different facades of this Institute, run by warriors-women with delicate words and strong will. I saw all of them working hard, with grace. They are a thoughtful presence in numerous settings and situations, always giving their best, always being respectful of others, of the environment and the community they work with. What stands up is the variety of settings they cover in teaching, and their will to make the difference through dance and creative acts, for future generations and for grown ups, for people with special needs, for schools and districts, from the close neighborhood to the bigger intention to pass the message that dance is a respected, acknowledged way to educate.

I was observing, shadowing numerous classes, different settings, numerous events they offered to the community in their space in Berkley. I saw an incredible variety of children. Luna put the attention to their uniqueness and thank to this process I saw different steps of transformation given by their constant presence.

I still hear the laughter of Oakland's kids and their powerful dances."

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