It has been a variegated summer time -- I saw some good Biennale Dance and Theatre Performances, assisted Soto Hoffmann in his Intensive Week at Mousiké in Bologna, being Present at two important weddings and one birth in the house I live in, I got the proposal to teach dance and somatic practices in a beautiful *****L Hotel renoun for the Cinema Exposition in Venice this summer -- It was not really what I imagined for me and actually it has been an interesting, colorful experience.

I could touch so many different people coming from all over the world, and kids of different ages. Every day a different day, new challenges and surprises. Every class a "first day class" adapting and refinning my tuning with bodies and what they say without really saying it by words.

I'm grateful for these months, ready to take some time off in wild nature,

preparing some essential news for the new year to come -- Autumn is arriving with some News in here!

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